PASI on Frontiers in Particulate Media: From Fundamentals to Applications

Centro Científico Tecnológico - La Plata - Argentina

August 11, 2014 – August 22, 2014


9/30: PASI lactures (slides and videos) can be downloaded from this site. Please follow this link .


Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (supported by the US National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy) is an advanced study workshop where senior scientists and engineers will present lectures to the participants including advanced graduate students, postdocs, professional researchers and faculty members who want to learn about this field. In addition, research presentations and discussion forums will take place.

PASI lecturers will discuss a variety of issues relevant to modern approaches to Particulate Media. The lectures will be organized in a manner which will allow to the participants who are not familiar with this field to learn about state-of-the-art techniques from the world-known experts. The topics that will be discussed include (i) theory, with emphasis on new developments in analytical, computational and multi scale methods; (ii) experiments, stressing the novel developments; and (iii) applications in a variety of fields, ranging from pharmaceutical to oil recovery.

The PASI format involves lectures given by senior people in the field, at more or less an advanced tutorial level and  the target audience is primarily junior researchers (postdocs and graduate students).  We envision a dynamic and productive interdisciplinary environment with plenty of free time to discuss the topics of common interest.

All presenters at the PASI and the Workshop (see below)  will also be given the opportunity to submit manuscripts to a PASI-themed issue of Soft Matter that will appear online as a web-collection. The tentative date for submission is November 1, 2014.


We are also organizing a workshop "Grand Challenges in Particulate Media: From Granular Media to Colloids and Active Matter" to highlight the latest research advances in particulate media that will be held August 16-17, 2014 at the midpoint of the PASI. The invited presentations will be 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions. All PASI lecturers will be given an opportunity to give an invited presentation. Additional contributed talks will be chosen from the Workshop presentations submitted directly to Workshop, as well as from the PASI participants presentations.

PASI on Frontiers in Particulate Media: From Fundamentals to Applications - 11 - 22 August, 2014, La Plata, Argentina